Col Tamarìe, an organic wine produced with love, according to true tradition.

The heart of Caldesòra is the Vigna San Lorenzo farm with its 9 hectares of land, 4.5 of which are cultivated with vines at 450 metres above sea level. For more than 10 years it has been dedicated to organic farming that respects the environment, producing an excellent wine from grapes grown historically in the Treviso Pre-Alps area.

In the name of love for the land and nature, the Col Tamarìe white wine is naturally re-fermented in the bottle as per tradition.

The environment is favourable and uncontaminated, characterised by loose soil of calcareous origin and south-facing vineyards that are indicative of healthiness, an essential characteristic for producing good grapes and good wine. Harvesting and transport to the cellar are done strictly in crates to safeguard the organoleptic characteristics and integrity of the grapes. This practice helps produce sulphur-free wines that mature on their own indigenous yeasts.

Col Tamarìe wine is simple and lively. The original sparkling, from the 2020 harvest, is joined by the still Col Tamarìe Milù. On the nose, sensations of citrus fruits (orange peel and citron) stand out; aromas of white flowers and aromatic herbs (thyme and mint).